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I provide editing, proofreading and writing services to clients across the UK and beyond. Please explore the links on the left to find out what I can do.

An overview…

Generally, a piece of written work being prepared for publication goes through five discrete stages: the writing stage, when the author’s ideas are formulated and put into words; the copyediting or developmental editing stage, when the work is read and edited in detail in collaboration with the author; the design or typesetting stage, when the work is laid out as it is going to appear at publication; the proofreading stage, when the work is checked for final errors, inaccuracies and problems with layout; and the publication/print stage, when the proofreader’s amendments are incorporated into a final copy which is the one you see printed/published.

I can help you at three of these stages: writing (putting your ideas into words or helping you rewrite what you already have); copyediting and/or developmental editing (working closely with you, the author, to make your words the best they can be); and proofreading (giving your text the essential final check to ensure it is ready for public consumption).


The processes involved from writing to publication
The processes involved from writing to publication


Of course this is just a general sketch of what often happens between the text being imagined and it being read by a public audience, and this can differ slightly depending on how the author or publisher prefers to work. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the editing stage and the writing stage might go back and forth many times before the work is ready to be laid out for proofreading.

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